Welcome to LAMPS Pre School (A Branch of LAMPS Academy)

We hope that your child's time here will be stimulating, exciting and a happy learning experience. In a caring and accepting environment your child will be able to build upon the social emotional and intellectual foundation which you have laid. Observation, documentation,activity,planning & implementation and assesment are a part of field work component in Academy.

Call us today @ 0731-4227241 or Email us info@lampspreschool.com

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Our Services

  • Indoor Activities

    Through Montessori Apparatus and educational software, children gets an awareness of the new concept “Learn while you Play” in co-ordination with others.

  • Outdoor Activities

    It contributes to their health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them. The children are encouraged to take part in indoor as well as outdoor activities so that they can have new experience and it helps them to gain new skills.

  • Snacks

    This is a social time when children and adults eat together.

  • Celebrations & Competitions

    India is a country with rich heritage of festivals and celebrations. The objective of including these celebrations and various competitions in the curriculum is to make

  • Picnics

    Going out and exploring the world around, asking many questions, learning new things are a part of “Child Development”. At LAMPS, we provide outdoor excursions in the form of educational trips, so that the child can explore the world around him

  • P.T.M.

    Parents Teacher communication is the only way where a teacher can explain

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