Development Process

Cognitive Development

This is the child’s ability to Learn and solve problems. They learn how to explore the environment and learn to develop day by day.

Social and Emotional Development

This is the child’s ability to interact with themselves and others. They learn to help themselves and try to develop self-control.

Speech and Language Development

Here, Phonics plays an important role in learning how to hear, say and write the correct spellings, words and sentences.

Fine Motor Skill Development

This is the child’s ability to use muscles, specifically their hands and fingers to pick up small objects, hold a spoon, turn pages in a book, use a crayon and hold the pencil. All these activities are done through proper Montessori Apparatus so that practice makes him/her perfect.

Gross Motor Skill Development

A skill in which a child is able to use large muscles for – Standing, running, crossing few hurdles, skipping and balancing.

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